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Infotrade Ltd.

Infotrade Ltd.

Infotrade provides professional auditor’s services in accordance with the particular requirements of the client. The methods of auditing are based on the specific provisions and requirements of the International Auditing Standards. The services we provide include:

– audit of financial reports, prepared in compliance with NAS (National Accounting Standards), ISFA (International Standards for Financial Accounting), as well as audit of consolidated financial reports prepared in accordance with the accounting policy of the entity;

– partial audit of financial reports prepared in conformity with NAS, ISFA, as well as partial audit of consolidated financial reports prepared in accordance with the accounting policy of the entity;

– transformation of financial reports; – internal audit;

– review and assessment of the systems of accounting and internal control;

– undertaking to compile financial information and contracted procedures

» Accounting services

Initial position in our relations with clients:

The benefits of experience in accounting services, the prestige and good standing of our specialized accounting company in our work with state and government institutions, coupled with our concern for the individual needs of each client, guarantee, at a reasonable price, ease, confidence and predictability in managing the accounting of our client and determining their tax liabilities.

Committing ourselves:

Ensuring an individual approach, including:

1. initial assessment of the accounting system used and its adequacy to the performed commercial activity

2. investigation and assessment of the material and documental flows

3. deciding, together with the client, on the organization of the current accounting and book-keeping, which can be performed in various ways, such as:

– in the ‘Infotrade’ office

– in the office of the client by our employees

– in the office of the client using, in part or in whole, staff employed by the client.


It is the responsibility of the accounting company to manage the current accounting and book-keeping of the client. Our responsibilities also include representing the client before various state institutions, like the National Revenue Agency, the National Institute of Statistics, etc.

» Tax services

The range of services we provide includes:

  • Thorough preliminary assessment of tax risks:

Detailed review of the commercial and accounting documentation of the client and expert’s analysis of the possible risks.

  • Analysis and assessment of the tax aspects of certain contracts and transactions
  • Assistance in choosing appropriate investment schemes and in preparing investment and business projects
  • Representation before tax authorities, including during tax audits and inspections
  • Registration and de-registration under various tax laws and brackets
  • Appealing tax-audit statements and resolutions, and expert assessment of their findings and conclusions
  • Advice and consulting on specific tax issues and solving specific cases
  • Detailed comment on the tax effect of a certain business transaction and analysis of alternative solutions
  1. Subscription service /provided on a regular basis/

Complete tax service, including the aforesaid services.

» Legal services


  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law
  • Administrative Law /including Tax Law/

» Special services

  • Company representation:
  • Representation at an address, legal representation, preparing annual financial reports and tax returns – suitable for newly incorporated companies in the process of expansion and development.
  • Financial-accounting expert appraisal
  • Accounting management (in accordance with the specific requirements of the client)

Introduction and management of an accounting system (incl. introduction and maintenance of accounting software),

Selection and training of accounting staff

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